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Writers' Groups Part 2

Last time, I wrote about local Virginia writers' groups. Now I'm going to share information about writing groups that are specialized according genre. Writing can be a lonely profession, surrounding yourself with other writers as you started can improve your craft, strengthen your writing, and provide you with valuable contacts for your career.


Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI):

  • For illustrators and authors of stories for children, middle grade, and young adults

  • Must be age 18 years or older

  • Annual Membership Fee ($95 first year and $80 every year after)

  • Regional Chapter is Mid-Atlantic (DC/VA)


Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America:

  • For science fiction and fantasy writers.

  • $100 annual membership

  • Must have 3 or more paid sales of fiction, earning at least $3k to be eligible

  • Online Chapter

Paranormal Romance Guild:

  • For paranormal romance writers and readers

  • $50 for premium membership (unsure if that’s per month or per year)

  • Online Chapter


Romance Writers of America:

  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • Professional organization to promote romance genre and all of its subgenres

  • Annual Membership dues $110

  • Published and unpublished authors are welcome

  • Virginia Romance Writers (circulates meeting locations monthly. In KG on 5/12/18)


Mystery Writers of America:

  • Age requirement unclear

  • Annual membership dues $115

  • For all types of mystery writers

  • Online

International Thriller Writers:

  • No dues for published authors (and debut authors)

  • $95 membership dues for Associate Members (unpublished writers, industry professionals, editors, agents)

  • Promotes thriller, suspense, murder mystery, detective, true crime, supernatural, true crime, war, adventure, and similar subject writers

  • Online

Sisters in Crime (SInC):


Horror Writers Association:

  • Must be a member of HWA to join regional chapter

  • Dues are $75 if published or $55 if unpublished

  • Horror Writers Association of Virginia:

  • Promotes horror writing poetry, young adult novels, short stories, movies, games, books, and graphic novels.​

Novelists Inc.:

  • Must be published with at least two works of 30k words each and earned at least $2k per book to join

  • Professional organization aimed at developing the career of the novelistsMust be at least 18 years old

Online Virginia Screenwriters Forum:

  • Must submit 30 pages of screenplay for consideration of admission into group

  • $50 annual dues

  • Supports screenwriters in all stages of the careerBased in Richmond

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