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Local Writers' Groups in Virginia

Not long ago, I was fortunate to visit a couple of high school classes to talk about writing. Since then a number of students have contacted to ask about more information on finding writers' groups and short story contests.

Today, I'm sharing some information about local groups that teens can join to learn more about the writing industry. Since there are dozens of groups, I'm going to break this into a several different blog posts.

This one focuses on a few Virginia programs.

Riverside Writers (associated with VWC) has Young Writers Club (ages 13-19): Poetry

Chesapeake Bay Writers:

  • Annual Membership Dues for Middle School and High School Students: FREE

  • Local writers (Glen Allen to Gloucester)

James River Writers:

  • Annual Membership Dues for Youth: $25

  • Local writers (Richmond)

Hampton Roads Writers:

  • $35 annual donation of dues

  • Supports writers in all stages of the process

  • Offers networking support

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